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Things to Do In Phoenix

The place is ideal for spending holidays. Phoenix has numerous attractions and things to do in the city circumference itself. Here we list the most popular attractions and things to do in Phoenix:

  • Desert Botanical Garden:This botanical garden is located in Papago Park and it introduces its visitors to the desert flora. The park covers a wide area giving the visitors more than enough space to have a good walk. SO keep your joggers in your bag and a water sipper too. Though there are plenty water fountains to keep the visitors going but if you like you can carry your own bottle. It’s wise if you plan the visit early morning because the place starts getting warm as the day passes. Enjoy the desert beauty at Desert Botanical Garden.

  • Enchanted Island:Phoenix has something special to offer the young visitors. Yes, it is the Enchanted Island, a theme park that is located in the periphery of Phoenix and it is a great diversion for kids and adults alike. The park has a very friendly and family environment that will make you feel safe while you and your family enjoy the fun of unlimited rides. You can save your money with unlimited rides package.

  • America West Arena:This is yet another favorite tourist attraction in Phoenix. The place has a seating capacity 19,000 people and there are lot many sports thing to do while one is in this arena. While it favorite spot for outside visitors even the locals find it as a good recreational spot. This place will also show you the local life of Phoenix, its people and their friendly nature. While you enjoy the attractions out there grab some snacks from the shops present there at the spot.

  • Heard Museum:The visitors who have passion for gaining knowledge of different cultures, visiting this museum in Phoenix is a must for them. The heard museum is the foremost platform of Native American art and culture in the U.S. It reveals the customs of tribes in the region through exhibits, manifestations and live performances and also displays the work of modern-day Native American artists. During the weekdays the artists display their art works and on the weekends musicians take hold of the stage for live performances.

  • South Mountain Park:Hold your breath people; you are going to visit the world’s biggest municipal park that is the South Mountain Park in Phoenix. This park is famous for hiking, biking and horse riding. You go there once and you feel like returning to this hot spot on every visit to Phoenix, rather visit Phoenix for some fun at South Mountain Park. It is a complete family picnic spot and all of you can enjoy the horse ride, biking and hiking.

  • Camelback Mountain: As the name suggests this place is a very good spot for hiking for kids as well as adults. The Camel Black Mountain gives a bird’s eye view of the place and the height increases the excitement and tension inside the hiker. This brings out enjoyment while hiking. It is safe to let kids to the hiking; they also enjoy tasks and try doing the tough hiking till they feel too tired to go ahead. And for master hikers this place provides same excitement. Pack your stuff and keep going!!

  • Phoenix Zoo:It is a lovely day out tourist attraction in Phoenix. The zoo spreads over 125 acres of land and it has a large variety of animals in it. It is an internationally famous zoo that let you experience the wild life of African savanna, the tropical rainforest and the Arizona environs. The highlighted feature of this zoo is its baboon colony and giant Galapagos tortoises. It seems as if the zoo has all the animals one can think of and along with the animals you can also see the replica of their natural habitats. It is a great tourist place for animal lovers.

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  • Mini Golf Paradise:If you are a hard core golf lover and want to add the nectar of golf fun in your trip to Phoenix, plan a visit to this unique golf club, The Mini Golf Paradise. It is an indoor golf club with a jungle theme decoration and 18 holes of golf keep you going with the game. While you plan you tour to this golf spot you won’t have to worry about the weather as you get the complete fun indoors along with fun safari animal obstacles. Your kids can join you in the golf fun. Now what else one could ask for? A must see for golf lovers.

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