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Phoenix has a reputation as a home to the older population of the United States, but it is much more than that. Phoenix's rich southwestern history and incredible geography make it one of the more popular destinations in the country. But, here are 7 things you don't know about Phoenix.

  1. The Arizona Cardinals, playing in Phoenix, are the oldest existing football club in the United States, having started in Chicago in 1898 before moving to St. Louis in 1960, and finally to Phoenix in 1988.

  2. If you are a resident of Phoenix, you are known as a Phoenician.

  3. A 1947 fire destroyed almost all of the city's streetcars. The city then had to decide whether to replace its fleet of streetcars or turn instead to buses for use in public transportation. The city went with buses as the form of public transportation in the future.

  4. One of the first communities to develop in the area that would become Phoenix was named Pumpkinville.

  5. During World War II, a prison camp for captured Axis troops was located just outside of Phoenix, it was called Papago Park POW Camp.

  6. The first public school class was held in 1872 in the county courtroom.

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  8. Within the city limits of Phoenix lie both the Phoenix Mountains and the South Mountains.

  9. Phoenix is completely unique in terms of its residents, history, and natural resources and attractions. One visit to Phoenix and you may not want to leave, you'll definitely want to come back, and you'll have memories to last a lifetime.

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